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Recovering the Past

I am an inveterate accumulator of junk, much to the distress of my family! In celebrating that, I wrote the following poem:

Have you ever looked for an old letter or a photograph in the junk accumulated over the years? possessions once cherished and stored with care; dusty, old paperbacks coming apart in the seams visiting cards, you kept after a long-sought meeting; conference bags, black, blue, in cloth and nylon coins collected in the years of wandering pound notes with the queen with her Mona Lisa smile children’s drawings which had evoked exclamations of parental pride, preserved in brown envelopes you, dark haired and confident in family photographs your wife in that tight kameez once thought a la mode sepia now with age and the old gleam gone a colour set with ink dried, rusty keys to forgotten doors After a while you forget what started you on this and start enjoying touching and feeling the past preserved in old boxes tied with shoe laces

as you find everything except what you were looking for.

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